Thursday, March 1, 2007

Handmade Fabric Book Round Robin

This is the 'cover' for the book. It is fairly simple and made from faux fur that I lined with some gold/black cotton. The button closure is a vintage one that I picked up somewhere or other. It seemed a bit 'blank', so I removed the shank from a plastic leopard button, colored it with alcohol ink and stuck it on the large button. It has a simple ribbon closure and wraps around the pages of the book. I woke up in the middle of the night last night when my sleeping brain remembered the African looking beaded fringe in my collection. I knew that it just HAD to go on the cover, and I used every last bit of it! The pages are simple 5x5 'quilties' that everyone can finish/decorate/make as they choose. I wanted to keep the pages loose, as I'm toying with the idea of making the finished book pages into a wall hanging, which would look great in our basement family room. We'll see, I'm just thinking!

This is the first "page" in the book. I decided to add some hand stitching, hence the 'fishbone' stitched leaves in the upper left. I love the texture that this piece ended up with, even though it was all serendipity. The word "Textures" was on the selvage edge of the piece of fabric that is directly behind the tiger image.

This is the second "page" I made for the "African Safari" book. The photo is one I found on-line, the lion looks so regal lying there in the tall grass. Funny thing, I thought some postage stamps would look cool in the piece and when I opened a bag of loose stamps, these two from Egypt just fell out! The decorative stitching is from the settings on my machine, I wish it would show up better in the photo because I like how it turned out.