Friday, February 29, 2008

Handmade Work Table

This is THE fabulous work table that my DH made for me! I have been looking and shopping and, basically, driving myself crazy trying to find the perfect work surface for my space. The key is, "My Space". Everything was either Too Tall, Too Wide, or Too cheaply built (despite rediculous price tags). Since he's such a great guy, he built this table just for me! I just love it's fun and funky look: The bases are stained black, the drawer are stained medium oak and we picked up thise fun knobs and the top at the home improvement store. It's 8 feet long and I STILL can fill it up and end up working in a 12x12" work space! LOL! Its awesomely beautiful and just perfect. Next project: "Sewing Table"!!!!!

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sammy said...

Hi tammy, I have really enjoyed seeing your blog and your studio.... Love how you have been so cool about coming up with storage ideas.... Know I kind of know a little bit about you... Makes it easier and more fun in making something special fo you!