Friday, June 27, 2008

Time for a new post!!

Well, I haven't posted in quite awhile now.... haven't felt very creative due to lots of 'things' going on. I did, however, just finish this sweet little handbag. I just love the fabric, it's reproduction 1930's fabric charms (5x5 squares) with additional fabric for the straps and ruffles. The instructions called for 'pre-quilted' fabric for the lining, which was just SO ordinary. Since I have an overabundance of supplies, I made my own quilted lining. Took extra time, but all in all I'm pleased with the result. The buttons (both on the outside tab and inside lining pocket) are from my small collection of vintage buttons that belonged to my grandmother. I have a nice stash of authectic 1930's and 40's fabric scraps, but they are so small I dispaired of ever finding anything to do with them. I think this pattern might be perfect, since I'm SURE I can cut 5x5 squares from enough pieces to make at least one handbag. (Note to self: Add to list of projects........ sigh.) I've carried this bag for a couple of days now and the size and shape are just right for me. I think that when it gets dirty, I'll throw it in the washer. I imagine the fabric will just have more character if it's faded and soft. Thanks for looking, and I"ll try and post more often!


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WayMooreFunQuilting said...

HI Tammy - found your site and love it! I thought you might be from Tucson, AZ where I am, since we also have greyhound rescue groups! Loved your 'charming' bag! If you visit my site, there are several bags I've made from all kinds of things, including scraps! barbara moore