Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Real Bread vs. Faux Bread

As part of my 2009 New Year's Resolutions, I am trying to take at least one photo a day. The goal is to include the ordinary and the not so ordinary. Since I've never been a good journal keeper, and I can't draw even a straight line, this challenge seems right up my alley!

Our favorite bread is this lovely and delicious whole grain miche from Panera (on the right). Well, over the weekend we ran out and in an effort to get our shopping done we picked up this Earth Grains "Double Fiber" (on the left) loaf. Well, the 'Double Fiber' loaf is like eating saw dust infused with air. Yuck. Today, Bob went to Panera and retrieved TWO loaves of our favorite. One is languishing in the freezer for that rainy day when we run out again!

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Ginny said...

It is a challenge to do daily posts and picture taking, but, I find it rewarding and hate it when I miss a day. Love, Mom