Sunday, January 25, 2009

Vintage Lace Jacket

This is the finished jacket. I think it will look really cute with a camisole and pair of jeans (once the weather warms up - today it's 18 outside). All of the lace is vintage, the ribbon is new 1/4 inch satin. When I was talking with my mom about the project, I wasn't sure what to use as a base fabric. Her idea proved to be a terrific one: A sheer curtain panel repurposed into a fun wearable! I adapted the idea from one that was presented in my Sew News magazine a few years ago.


Ginny said...

Beautiful !! I wondered what you planned to wear it with. Sounds like a classy idea ! Love, MOM

Lady Di said...

How talented are you! I've never learned to sew properly, but how cool it would be to make your own clothes. The jacket looks great.