Friday, July 31, 2009

North Carolina Bound

I took some photos of a few different North Carolina beaches when we were out in May...... I went for a job interview, was offered a position, and after alot of agonizing over the pros and cons decided to take a chance and go for it! It is just beautiful there, and we only saw the smallest fraction of what the state has to offer. We're making plans and preparing to pack up and leave the town we've lived in for over twenty years. Here's to embracing change, no matter how old I get!


Ginny said...

I was not much younger than you are when your Dad took the job that took us away from Tulsa where we had been for 18 years. The change was difficult at times, but, all has been for the better, overall !! Love, MOM

Lady Di said...

Good luck on your move Tammy ... imagine all the things in a new state you can use as inspiration to create art.