Saturday, January 10, 2009

"Change Your Shoes, Change Your Life!"

As part of my new year, I've been inspired to do a bit of "re-inventing" of myself. I haven't purchased many items of clothing in awhile, and most of what I have is worn and in need of pitching. But, one can't possibly purchase new clothes without new shoes (in this case boots) to go with. Always on the prowl for new shoes, which can be difficult given my size 11 foot, I ran across this gorgeous pair of all purpose boots. They are by Jim Barnier, so lightweight, SO comfortable, and they look stunning with a pair of jeans. I can see myself wearing them for many seasons to come.


Ginny said...

Comfy looking boots. A girl can never have TOO many pairs of shoes !! Love, MOM

Pam said...

Great boots!